The project consists in implementing the results of R&D works carried out independently by LAMA in the development of two new products: flush-mounted cladding and soundproofing non-woven fabric. The result of the project will be the implementation of solutions in the field of product innovation - innovations used for less than 3 years in the world, in the field of high / medium-high technologies. The project is in line with RIS: Advanced Building Materials and the Modern Textile and Fashion Industry, as well as with the specialization niches and economic areas that fit into them. The applicant also assumes the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and taking into account environmental aspects. As part of the project, employment will increase by 4 RJP. Persons will be employed in connection with the planned acquisition under the project of the following fixed assets and intangible assets:
- fleece stacker (1 pc.)
- double-shaft calender (1 pc.)
-line for coating and lamination (1 pc.)
- software for monitoring the parameters of manufactured products (1 license)
- label printer (1 pc.)
-workstation (1 pc.)
The above-mentioned investment purchases will allow for the introduction of new products to the market, and a detailed analysis of the client's needs has shown that there is a market demand for them. They will be an important element of the company's competitive advantage, mainly due to the new features and functionalities of the products and the use of more optimized and top-quality solutions tailored to individual customer needs, primarily from the advanced building materials industry.
Planned time frame for the project: 10/2019 - 12/2021
Expected co-financing from EU funds: PLN 1,599,975.00